unite, the trades union council and Medway Green party opposing 'Fire and Re-hire'.

Solidarity with PHINIA staff

11 March 2024

Medway Green party supported staff in their industrial action.

The strike goes on.

04 March 2024

More workers joined the picket today.

Medway Greens join PHINIA strikers again on St Davids Day

01 March 2024

Latest update on PHINIA strike

Jeremy with a flag

Jeremy Spyby-Steanson on Medway Green Party’s involvement in the “Ceasefire Now” demonstrations:

29 February 2024

Jeremy gives his thoughts on the troubles in Palatine and the peace movement "Ceasefire Now"

Parish councillor Matt Nightingale picks up litter

Parish councillor Matt Nightingale regularly organises litter picks.

26 February 2024

Cuxton and Halling Parish councillor Matt Nightingale works hard organising volunteers to pick up litter from around the area.

PHINIA's workers on strike

PHINIA strike picket

26 February 2024

Medway Greens attend PHINIA workers picket as they strike to protect pay and conditions.

Medway Green's reaction to Homes England 'u-turn' on the Housing Infrastructure Fund

19 July 2023

The Green Party get their best ever results in Medway Council Local Election's 2023

24 May 2023

Medway Green's host second public meeting on the Future of Hoo

16 January 2023

Medway Greens Publish Hoo Development Framework Response

14 November 2022

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