Bernard Hyde to represent Medway Green Party in Rochester by-election

19 November 2021

Bernard will be representing Medway Green Party in the Rochester East by-election allowing our Green Party members & supporters in the ward to have a Green vote on Thursday 16th Dec.

Email to Kelly Tolhurst

08 November 2021

£15,000 in parliamentary donations received from Businessfore.

Green Campaigners rejoice as orchards are saved!

03 November 2021

The secretary of state for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities decided the fate of 126 acres of prime agricultural land in Rainham. Michael Gove agreed with the Planning Inspectorate's recommendations that the appeal should be dismissed.

Email to The Today Program

28 October 2021

I enjoy listening to your programme each morning and in particular the interviews after Thought for the Day. Today Mr Sunak was discussing his Budget, and the presenter correctly strongly rebutted Mr Sunak’s claim that a change in benefit was a tax reduction. However, he was allowed to use the BBC as a platform for spreading “mis-information” relating to the UK’s carbon reduction achievements to date. He is not alone on incorrectly quoting the facts, and this level of deception should not go unchallenged. Below I use Government figures that show the true situation.

Email to Kelly Tolhurst

18 October 2021

"I am very concerned about the lack of progress that has been made in “greening up” our economy. The first nail in the coffin was when the Tory government delayed all new homes from being built carbon neutral when they came into power... This was a Labour policy to tighten up Building Regulations dumped by the Conservatives after pressure (lobbying) from house builders."

Email to Kelly Tolhurst

27 September 2021

Whilst the UK appears to be doing well at reducing carbon emissions, the CCC’s measure (as defined by the UN) gives an optimistic slant on progress. It does not consider embedded carbon of imports.

Email to Kelly Tolhurst

17 September 2021

I find it concerning that the new Trade Secretary would appear to be a dire hard climate change denier. Please see the article below that is based on Ms Trevelyan’s tweets.

Green Party Poll at 23% in Strood North by-election

27 August 2021

We may not have won but we almost doubled our vote share during our first ever campaign in Strood North. Residents kick the Tory's to the curb as Residents express grave concerns about over-development, lack of GP appointments and incessant traffic jams.

Medway Green Party Announce Candidates for Medway By-Elections

30 July 2021

Medway residents Cat Jamieson, who works for a national youth charity is standing as our Green Party Candidate in Strood North and Sonia Hyner, who teaches English to adults at Further Education College, is our Green Candidate for Princes Park. Both candidates are passionate about affecting change within these wards.

Email to Kelly Tolhurst April

10 April 2021

thank you for the very supportive stance you have taken to concerns that peninsula residents have raised with you in regard to the HIF proposals. Your response has been widely shared and appreciated. We share concerns about the viability of the HIF project and lack of detail being shared by Medway Council.


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