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Medway Green Party has been campaigning to protect the internationally important, Hoo Peninsula from unsustainable over-development since 2013. Marilyn Stone, Green Party Parish Councillor for High Halstow and Bernard Hyde, Planning Advisor to Medway Green Party, have worked hard with local residents to create a viable and robust Neighbourhood Plan for High Halstow.

Since Medway Council secured the Housing Infrastructure Fund in 2019 we have been deeply concerned that the fund is simply not enough to support “sustainable” development on the Hoo Peninsula. The £170m would be barely enough to improve the infrastructure needed for the existing residents, never mind the addition of at least 36k new residents, which was always a clear and unambiguous caveat to receiving the funds.

The Labour Party are now responsible for the creation and implementation of the Local Plan, a plan which both The Conservative Party and The Labour Party have been unable to deliver for the past 2 decades.

The Labour Party must recognise the importance of the Hoo Peninsula both nationally and internationally. The plan to build 12k+ houses on farm land and flood plains when we are at the beginning of climate collapse, which will see more frequent and severe crop failures and a sea level rise which will impact the Hoo Peninsula directly is both short term idealism and the road to disaster.

Not to mention that the local housing needs assessment has already identified; the types of houses needed for Medway residents, those already on the housing list, and the volume needed (half of what we currently been told to build). Needless to say, the types of houses needed will not be provided for on the Hoo Peninsula with or without the HIF funding.

Medway Green Party understands the needs of residents, the Labour Party and the Conservative Party understand the needs of housing developers.

We want to see a local plan written for local people not for the profits of internationally owned corporations, to the detriment of our priceless ecosystems of international importance, and the land we need to feed this country.

Who are the Medway Greens?

Medway Greens is a group of active members of the Green Party. We work collectively to bring change to Medway protecting both the planet and the people from the damages of an ever apparent corrupt system. Our key priorities are:

Target To Win

One of our biggest priorities is getting an elected Councillor on Medway Council, this will allow us to affect real change in the areas that we really care about; the health and well-being of the people of Medway, and looking after our environment.


This issue is deeply affecting both residents and the environment across Medway. Despite the government u-turning on housing demands Medway Council are yet to formally state that 28k+ houses are not needed within Medway. Medway Greens believe that the only housing we need is social/council housing and genuinely affordable starter homes. Built on brownfield site and not on our precious green spaces and farm land.

Climate Emergency and Local Environmental Action

Medway Council called a climate emergency back in 2019 and the Medway Green Party feel that it is imperative that we remain up-to-date with the work that Medway Council are doing in this area, challenging and supporting as appropriate and being part of the conversation wherever possible. We feel it is important to be involved in local action on these issues to raise awareness and support change.

Well-being & Social Justice

Medway Greens strongly believe that the success of any society should be measured on the health, well-being and equity of its people and sustainability of its environment. This is a broad remit and relates to all areas of society and policy – education, health, transport, housing and so on.

In addition to our ongoing priority work we will also be engaging with the wider community, which will see us welcome experts, allies & community groups from across Medway to share valuable knowledge, keeping us inspired and energetic in our green journey.

If you would like to get involved please get in touch.

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