Stand with us and Protect Medway from Greedy Developers

We want to Protect Medway from exploitation from the mass developers looking to make a quick buck and leave our residents to clean up the mess.  We have adult residents who are still living with their aging parents because they cannot afford to purchase homes locally and are faced with rents which are criminal.  

Medway Green Party is working with and promoting the work of; Hoo Parish Council, High Halstow Parish Council, Ron Sands Independent Councillor, Keep Upnor Green, Pump Lane Steering Group to challenge central government targets of 29,463 and 38,000 new homes here in Medway by 2035!

We have launched the Protect Hoo campaign and are in the process of setting up the Protect Medway group on Facebook with our aim to recruit all residents in Medway who like us are disgusted by these targets and deeply concerned by the consquences to our community and natural world here in beautiful Medway.

What can you do?

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