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Road Reps Community Initiative


Road Reps Community Initiative

On Saturday 14th March a new community initiative called Road Reps was launched here in Medway. 

The initiative is aimed at reaching those who are in self-isolation because of illness, potential infection or those at high risk of complications from Covid-19.  The scheme does not rely on the internet, although it will play a part in its promotion and volunteer numbers.


How Does it Work?

In short the Road Rep completes a calling card and posts it through every house on their road, then should anyone in isolation need a pint of milk, a letter posting or even a quick chat on the phone the Road Rep is there to help.

Sian Berry, Green Party co-leader and London Mayor Candidate shared the initiative on twitter commenting “A hyperlocal phone and email based idea for coordinating support from our Medway press officer, which is close neighbour focused and thinks through a lot of the things like safety, money and other risks.”

“The best bit is that it’s not limited by location, we’ve been contacted by US based Green Parties and have provided documents which can be edited and personalised for their own communities. I hope this helps in these anxious times” Kate Belmonte – MGP Press Officer.


Road Reps have free access to resources such as self-isolation posters and calling cards, all of which can be emailed and printed from a home computer by the volunteer.   In addition to the Road Reps who are out and about there are others signing up to provide distance care, making themselves available for phone and admin support, some like Kate are also in isolation.

To join the initiative or for more details please email Kate for more details.

Downloads: FAQ - Sign Up - Poster - Calling Cards

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