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Medway Green Party

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Welcome to the Medway Green Party's official website.

We're currently actively supporting and developing initiatives in Medway including supporting organisations actively helping Medway's homeless problem.  We campaign to keep large scale development from taking place at Lodge Hill, a SSSI and other green field sites.  We are also part of the Steering Group set up to oppose the Pump Lane development of agricultrual land currently used as Orchards in Lower Rainham & Twydall.  We highlight weaknesses in local recycling and litter control and many more local issues.

We do this by meeting, campaigning, sending out press releases and making sure those that make decisions locally hear our voice and ideas.

We endeavour to have a voice on local radio and TV and at local meetings and as we proved in the by-election in 2014 when Clive Gregory stood against Mark Reckless and Kelly Tolhurst et al, we can make our voice heard - during this campaign we dismissed feeble arguments targeting immigrant individuals and communities and reminded the people of Medway and also nationally that recession was caused by the irresponsible banks and financial institutions not by immigration.

Since then we now have Brexit to contend with and this issue has many challenges both nationally and locally to face up to.

As a small local party we've shown how much impact is possible but we need more members and supporters to carry the fight moving forward.  So, if the ideas we present here appeal to you please get in touch, come to a meeting or one of our informal get-togethers and join us in fighting for a fairer and more just society and world.


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