Greens of Colour

07 June 2020

As a member of the Green Party, I have watched in amazement how the Greens of Colour have grown from a fledgling aspiration to having a real presence within the party and are now finding a voice in championing the rights of the BAME sector in society and the issues of the environment.

Coronavirus, Climate Change and Michael Moore

13 May 2020

Medway Green Party's Sonia Hyner on the latest controversial documentary to 'touch' down in the UK and what its revelation may mean for the Green movement.

Road Reps

17 March 2020

Road Reps is a free community initiative bridging the gap of isolation with simple kindness an friendship.

How Globalisation is fuelling the surge in our Rivers.

06 March 2020

Part 1: Up, Up and Away Looking at the impact of climate change on flooding across the country.

Does The Government really want disabled people to work?

28 January 2020

In recent years the government has told anyone who will listen and anyone who does not want to know, that they are fully committed to ensuring disabled people can work, and if they can’t, can get the support to which they are entitled. However statistics and experiences of such people suggests this is not the case. David Wilkins who is a talented, qualified but disabled man is an example of this. His story shows not only how hard it is to find a job as a disabled person but what can happen if you dare try to find work instead of staying at home.

Protecting Green Spaces in Medway

05 January 2020

Kate Belmonte our Press Officer and Twydall Resident has been fiercely fighting the proposed Orchard development off of Pump Lane, Rainham but there are 2 smaller sites at threat from destruction. She submitted the formal objection on Sunday 5th January 2020 and copied in members of the Climate Change Advisory Board.

Happy New Year from Medway Green Party

Beyond 2019....

31 December 2019

A look back at the highs and lows of 2019 with Medway Greens.

If not now, then when? - Steve Dyke

29 November 2019

Thanks in no small part to David Attenborough, Greta Thunberg, school strikers, Extinction Rebellion and the predictions of IPCC scientists, the environment (and in particular the climate emergency) has featured in this General Election campaign far more than in previous ones.

Medway Hustings aka Political Debate

26 November 2019

Your opportunity to ask the questions that matter!

Medway engages with climate emergency in XR talk

11 November 2019

Citizens from Medway learned about the extent of the climate crisis and the increasing prominence of ecological concerns for voters during a special talk by Dr Rupert Read, national Spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion, on Friday 8th Nov.


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