27 March 2024

PHINIA strike goes on

PHINIA workers are striking again this week, even as the deadline looms for them to sign a new contract, or lose ther jobs.

The immoral 'fire and re-hire' tactic has been used against them, as we feared. If they do not sign by Thursday, they will be sacked, not made redundant, because their job still exists. These workers have partners and children, and some have worked there for decades. But their employer cares nothing for that. They will be making them work more hours for less pay. The government we have had for the last 14 years has supported this Victorian style of draconian control over the workforce, who do the work that makes the company, and particularly these days, the board of directors, rich. There are better ways to increase productivity, and the end of a 'them and us' mentality, that would lead to a more harmonious and more inclusive company.


Phinia strikers

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