24 October 2020

Email Sent: 24/10/20
Dear Kelly,

We are writing to express our disappointment at your decision to vote against the extension of the provision of free school meals during October half term.
The level of poverty in this country and the growing number of children living in poverty is unacceptable and likely to significantly increase as we go into recession.
How can you justify your vote? Children claiming free school meals in Medway is as high as 71.1% at Inspire Free Special School in Chatham? Closer to home 47.3% of children qualify for free school meals at Elaine Primary School, Rochester.
It was looking extremely likely that children were going to have to struggle with hunger this half term, a crisis which would have been entirely your government’s decision, one which you supported. Thankfully Medway Council has stepped up and will be providing free lunches to those directly affected by your decision.
Please explain how you will tell the children of Medway that you decided that the risks to their health and well-being was not amongst your top priorities.
The Green Party and our allies will be out supporting Medway Foodbank, Gillingham Street Angels, One Big Family, Mutual Aid Road Reps and Kent Community Helpers we attempt to support vulnerable people who are not being given sufficient support by the current government, during a time unlike any other.

Kind regards,

Kate Belmonte
Press Officer & member of the Coordinators Team


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