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21st Oct 2014
No Cure for Debt - the CAB and Wonga Disaster

So the folly of the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) going into league with the debt inducing pay day loan company, Wonga, has finally come to fruition. The ironic pact was to give the CAB and locals the true scale of debt, its causes and perhaps a path to a general solution. But no, the survey has failed to materialise and even the chair of the committee has resigned from the job.

18th Oct 2014
Green Candidate Demands Answer on HIV Comment

Medway Green Party have asked Mark Reckless, UKIP parliamentary candidate for Rochester and Strood, to respond to comments made by the party's leader regarding migrants with HIV.

16th Oct 2014
Press Release: Green Candidate on TTIP

Green candidate, Clive Gregory, talks to Rochester and Strood voters about TTIP deal

While Mark Reckless was out in Rochester High Street last Saturday, wooing voters for the much publicised UK Independence Party, Clive Gregory, parliamentary candidate for the Green Party, was backing a day of action, organised by 38 degrees, against a poorly publicised trade deal between USA and the EU.

10th Oct 2014
Press Release: Selected Green Party By-Election Candidate on Corporate Takeover

The Green Party's candidate for the expected by-election in Rochester and Strood has been selected. The candidate, Clive Gregory, has lived in Stoke on the Hoo peninsular for 22 years, and is a freelance musician and sound engineer by trade. Clive also runs the local PA hire business, Clive Sound. Clive joined the Green Party because of disillusionment with the other political parties and worry about the direction of the country.

28th Sep 2014
Medway Green Party Select By-election Candidate

The Green Party's candidate for the expected by-election in Rochester and Strood has been selected.

9th Sep 2014
Press Release: Lodge Hill Decision - Disgraceful Hypocrisy by Medway Council

Medway Green Party has accused Medway Council of hypocrisy in passing plans for housebuilding at Lodge Hill and called on local people to contact the Secretary of State.

3rd Sep 2014
Press Release: Boris Island - Airport Expansion Anywhere is Bad News

Medway Green Party has welcomed the news that plans for a new airport hub in the Thames Estuary, favoured by London Mayor, Boris Johnson, have been rejected by the Davies Commission. However Medway Greens go further in criticising any airport expansion.

24th Apr 2014
What has the EU ever done for us?

Comment by Trish Marchant

I am absolutely appalled at the disgusting posters being used by a certain so called political party to spread their toxic rhetoric and promote fear and anger across the Medway Towns. I won't name them as that, in my mind, gives them a credibility they don't deserve but I will challenge their outrageous claims with some mythbusting facts:

2nd Apr 2014
We cannot combat climate change by building shopping centres and new airports

Medway Greens criticise Boris Johnson's latest proposals.

31st Mar 2014
Press Release: Time is running out to reject Lodge Hill development say Medway Greens

Medway Green Party calls for rejection of new plans for development at Lodge Hill.

Medway residents have been given until 15th April 2014 to send responses to a public consultation on a resubmitted planning application to build 5,000 houses at Lodge Hill.

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