26 March 2024

Politicians Fake Outrage Dis-United:- it’s a team sport

It’s not every day that you get politicians from Labour, Conservative, and LibDems, all in agreement with each other, on the same issue. Yet, after the release of the England Men’s football shirt, we saw a united outrage across these parties, who slammed Nike and the FA. (1)

You may wonder, like I did, what could have been so wrong about the shirt that warranted our politicians getting so upset? Well, a small re-designed England flag, about the size of two stamps, at the back of the collar, was enough to send them into emotional disarray. (2)

Like you, I am stunned we haven’t seen this type of energy from these parties directed to much more serious, and pressing, issues in society.

Why is there no collective outrage by these parties at the fact that around 1 in 3 children, in the UK, live in poverty? (3)

Why is there no united anger at the fact that homelessness has risen by 14% in the last year, amidst the backdrop of huge corporations making billions in profits? (4)

Why is there no combined action to help people who are pulling their own teeth out, at home, because they cannot access, or afford, an NHS dentist? (5)

Why is there no togetherness to help teachers who are dependent on food banks, because of skyrocketing basic living costs? After all, our children’s education relies on the efforts, and wellbeing, of these, too poor to buy food, teachers. (6)

Why is there no shared frustration at water companies, who are dumping raw sewage into our rivers, and seas? (7)

Why is there no joint fury at the fact that upwards of 30,000 innocent people have been killed in Gaza, in the space of a few months, by a regime we’ve been giving military support to? (8)

Why is there no unified response to save the planet, by investing in renewable energy resources, and reducing our dependence on fossil fuel companies? (9)

These are just some of the pressing issues that come to mind, when I think about the state the world is in today. Yet, here we are, talking about a small amendment to a flag, for a football shirt, which, by the way, costs over £130 (What? That’s the real crime).

Fortunately, the Green Party recognises the real issues that are making people, and nature, suffer. The more Greens that we have elected, the sooner we can make a difference, and relieve the pain being felt by so many, all over the country. The time has come to vote Green, and only then can we re-unite politics around the serious issues that politicians are elected to resolve.

If you feel the same way then become a member today, and join the effort to influence the future we want to see. Join

Jeremy co-chair Medway Green Party


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