27 August 2021

Medway Green Party Poll @ 23% in Strood North 

Strood North by-election 2021 resultsOn Thursday 26th August 2021, Strood North & Princes Park went to the polls to elect their newest representative to Medway Council. 

We campaigned hard in Strood North and our canvassing data showed that voters were turning to us from both the Labour & Conservative Parties, and what we were witnessing was the crumbling of a traditional tory heartland.

We'd like to thank every member and supporter who was able to 
contribute towards a fantastic campaign and extend our special thanks to Claudia Fisher the South East Field Organiser, who worked tirelessly with us despite having covid herself at the start of the campaign.

We had half the people power of both Labour & the Conservative's and yet saw the largest increase in vote share, despite a disappointingly low turnout.

Democracy is broken - that just 8% of Strood North's residents chose the winning candidate, all political parties must realise this benefits no one, in the long run!

Can you help us replenish our reserves?

Our Strood North campaign took a hefty chunk of our Green 2023 campaign reserve, if you are able to donate towards replenishing the fund it would be much appreciated,  you can donate here.

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