Cllr Sands has recently proposed the designation of the Peninsula as a National Park. Do you believe this would be a positive development for the area?

17 October 2019

We fully support Cllr Sands proposal and feel that this will be extremely positive for the Peninsula and Medway as a whole.  Medway Green Party feel that rather than exploit the Peninsula, which is rich in biodiversity it should be preserved, especially now that the council has declared a Climate Emergency.  We feel that Medway Council should be 100% behind Cllr Sands’ proposal and should go a step further by ensuring safe access between all of our Nature Reserves and Country Parks to include cycle routes, walking routes, accessible routes and bus routes.  “Why would we want to repeat the mistakes of the last century, for example spending millions of pounds on highway infrastructure, to turn a stunningly beautiful part of our area into sprawling car dependant suburbs, when the Hoo Peninsula should be declared a National Park.” An excerpt from Medway Green Party’s response to Medway Council’s Local Plan consultation. Our full response can be found here.

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